What Are Your
Immigration Options?

Come to Canada

Visitor &
Super Visas
Explore Canada or stay with your family for up to two years!
Further your education at the world’s top universities & colleges with a student visa in Canada.
Work in major industries, enhance your career and be part of Canada’s thriving economy.
Experience Canada
Fund your adventures throughout our amazing country with this special visa.

Stay in Canada

Family & Spousal
Reunite with your loved ones, start a family and settle in for life.
Get to Canada faster than ever before with multiple economic immigration streams and Provincial nominations.
Live and work anywhere across our nation. Have the life you’ve always wanted.
Be a proud citizen of Canada! Get access to all the advantages of this great country!

Provincial Nominee Programs

What to expect working with an immigration consultant

At Glacier Immigration, we specialize in making your Canadian dreams become a reality. Our Calgary immigration consultant is committed to representing your interests, helping you navigate the complicated immigration process so you achieve your goals of studying, working or living in our great nation. With us, immigrating to Canada is easier, smarter and better. 

Immigration Consultant Calgary
Canada Visitor Visa Fee

How to come to Canada with the help of a Calgary immigration consultant

There are many different pathways to immigrate to Canada. Be it a visitor visa, Express Entry, or family sponsorship, choosing the one best for you is an important part of starting the process. Our immigration consultant in Calgary will understand your situation and goals to get you started on the right path. 


Why Glacier Immigration?


With over seven years of experience in immigration consulting, we’ve helped individuals and families with multiple streams.


Workable plans, correct information, and proper documentation are how we approach your visa and permit applications.


Moving to Canada is more than just an application - it’s personal. We’re friendly, open, approachable, and invested in your situation.


We make immigration easier. We’ll guide you on the process, so you can collect the right documents and successfully apply.

Why Immigrate to Canada?

Canada has a strong history of immigration, which has allowed our society to develop economically, culturally and socially. Immigrating to our nation grants you career-enhancing opportunities, access to world-class education and healthcare systems, a diverse, accepting culture and a higher standard of living. Start your Canada immigration application today with our consultants.