Express Entry to Canada

Immigrating to Canada and experiencing the amazing opportunities our country offers is now easier with Express Entry. It is one of the fastest ways to enter, with permanent residence being accepted anywhere between six to 12 months. With multiple economic immigration categories, alongside Provincial Nomination Programs, Glacier Immigration can set you up with a robust and workable plan to get you permanent residence in Canada quicker than ever. It’s time to apply for your Express Entry in Canada!

The Express Entry process is an electronic selection system for the IRCC to select skilled workers for immigration, based on their work history, experience in and outside Canada, and opportunities. You have to create and submit an Express Entry profile to determine which economic stream you can apply for.

The CRS score determines the number of points you need to apply for Permanent Residency. It is based on your age, language ability (either English, French or both), work history, education, marital status, whether or not you have a Canadian job offer, a provincial nomination, and family living in Canada.

Also known as an ITA (invitation to apply), an e-APR (electronic Application for Permanent Residence) provides you with information on the documents you need to support your initial Express Entry profile. You need to provide documents that prove you are eligible under the category you were invited to and confirm that you match the CRS points you initially scored.

It’s best to speak to our consultants before you commence the application process as there are multiple documents you must obtain, including language tests, work references and histories, educational degrees and more. Depending on the best stream for you, we’ll help you navigate this complex field.

This program focuses on skilled professionals with a minimum of one-year of work experience in the last ten years under a specific job listing (called an NOC). Language proficiency in English/French and educational degrees are required in this program.

A program focused on skilled professional workers who have one-year of work experience in Canada under an NOC 0, A or B category. You must have language proficiency in English/French and educational degrees as well.

Similar to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, but focused on trade jobs and industries. Foreign nationals with eligible skills in designated trade groups can apply under this category. Language Proficiency in English and/or French is required.

Reduced Processing Times
The Canada Immigration Express Entry process reduces wait times, confusion and simplifies the application process. You’ll get results, feedback and be accepted quicker than ever!
Aligned With Labour Market
You can receive an added boost to your application with either a Provincial Nomination Program or an LMIA in Canada. You’ll prosper being part of Canada’s growing economy.
May Be Invited to Apply
With a high-enough CRS score, you will be invited to apply for multiple economic streams, opening opportunities for you to stay in Canada for years!

Provincial Nomination Programs & Express Entry

Part of the Express Entry stream is the Provincial Nomination Program, which offers another pathway to immigrate to our country. Each of Canada’s ten provinces and territories provides a unique program designed to fill its labour shortages. Immigrants and foreign nationals who have the necessary skills, education, and work experiences can apply for these programs. It can significantly aid in the permanent residency application and make immigration easier. We can help determine if and which Provincial Program you can apply for.

Immigrating to Canada

Economic opportunities, diverse cultures, higher standards of living, strong healthcare, financial and support systems, and the prosperity of starting a family are the reasons why millions of people elect to move to Canada. As experts with over seven years of experience helping people move and settle into our amazing country, our consultants can help you enjoy these life-changing benefits firsthand with Express Entry in Canada. Let’s start your application now