Permanent Residence

Having  Permanent residence in Canada entitles you to live anywhere across Canada, work in any job in any industry, get access to social services and set yourself up for a new life. It also sets you on the pathway to granting Canadian Citizenship. If you are ready to make Canada your home, let Glacier Immigration help you with a detailed and accurate plan, so you become part of our great country. 

A permanent resident can travel freely across Canada, live anywhere, and work in any job. You are guaranteed entry back into Canada (through the PR card) and can still hold a passport from your country of origin. However, you must live in Canada for two years of the five years, cannot vote, and can be deported for criminal convictions.

There are multiple streams in which you can apply to obtain permanent residency, including Express Entry, study permits, Provincial Nominee Programs, refugee class and spousal or family sponsorship in Canada. We can determine the best course of action for you.

It all depends on the stream you are applying for, as each one will require different documents and information. You will need to prove your identity, education, work experience, proof of funds, and more in most cases. Our consultants can guide you on what you need to provide for a successful permanent residence application.

You can travel anywhere with a Canadian PR Card. But most significantly, it is the most convenient way of proving status to authorities within Canada, granting you entry and exit with little hassle.

Live, Work, Study,
& Explore
Canada offers you a wealth of opportunities in career advancement, education, and higher living standards. You’ll also be able to travel and explore our country as you please.
Apply for
Having PR status is the first step to obtaining Citizenship, granting you the privileges and rights that Canadians have. We can assist with your Canadian Citizenship application as well.
Health Care Coverage
& Protection
Being granted permanent residence means you are entitled to accessing Canada’s strong healthcare systems, ensuring you’re always in safe hands.

How to Apply For Permanent Residence in Canada

The Canada PR process can be overwhelming and confusing for many individuals and families. We can simplify it by considering your situation and creating a decisive action plan. As a starting point, you will need to determine which stream best suits you: Express Entry, Provincial Nomination or Sponsorship. From there, you will be provided with information on what documents you must provide to the IRCC. We can help you throughout the entire process, ensuring you have peace of mind.

Immigrating to Canada

Experience all the advantages and perks that come with having permanent residence in Canada. With one of the world’s highest immigration rates, Canada is always proud to accept new visitors into the country. Our welcoming multiculturalism and high standards of living benefit all immigrants, making us the ideal nation to prosper financially, culturally and socially. Connect with our immigration consultants to start your journey towards Canadian residency.