Family Sponsorship

It can be lonely moving to a new country without your family. Thankfully, with family sponsorship in Canada, you can bring your loved ones over and share every moment together. The experts at Glacier Immigration will help you start a new life in our great country with your family.

When you agree to sponsor a family member for immigration to Canada, you agree to provide them with financial support for a period of time. They will not be allowed to receive any taxpayer support in social services or welfare, so you will be responsible for covering all their costs.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their spouses, common-law or conjugal partners, and dependents. They can additionally sponsor their parents, grandparents, and siblings along with other relatives in special circumstances.

You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, be over the age of 18, and not be charged with a serious criminal offence. You must also prove your relationship with the sponsored person and determine that they are family. We can clarify the differences and guide you with your family sponsorship application in Canada.

As for 2021, you will need $32,899 to cover two people – yourself and your family member. From there, every additional family member costs an estimate of $7,000. For three people, you will need $40,445, for four people, you will need $49,106 and so forth. We can help you determine the amount of income you need to sponsor your family.

Reunite With Family
There is no greater feeling than being reunited with your family after years of being apart. Now, you can enjoy this memory - and many more through family sponsorship.
Get a Fresh Start
Canada offers immigrants from across the globe an opportunity to prosper economically, socially and culturally. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and given a new start in life.
Live Together in Canada
No more stress, no more worries. You get to live the life you want in Canada - with your family by your side the whole time.

Spousal Sponsorship

Share adventures together, start a new life or create a family; these are the advantages when applying for spousal sponsorship in Canada. Whether you’re married or common-law, our Calgary immigration consultant can help guide you with your application so you’ll be reunited with your loved ones. 

According to the IRCC, you will need $32,270 to sponsor yourself and your partner. However, there isn’t an income requirement in most cases unless you and your partner have dependent children.

On average, it takes up to 12 months for your spousal sponsorship to be processed. Sometimes they can take longer, depending on the nature of your case.

As a sponsor, you must sign an undertaking, which states that you promise to offer financial and basic support for your spouse or partner and their dependent children. It will last for three years. You must prove your relationship is real, have no criminal history for either of you and commit for the long-term. Applying for permanent residency or Canadian Citizenship is your first step to bringing your partner over.

Reunite With
Your Spouse
No longer do you have to miss out on precious moments with your partner. A spousal sponsorship application in Canada allows you to reunite together.
Start A New
Life Together
Canada is a country that thrives on immigration and opportunities. You and your partner will have access to all that makes our country great: careers, cultural acceptance and community support.
Opportunity To
Create A Family
Canada offers a great example of how different groups of people can live and work together while contributing to society. It’s the best place to start a family.

Immigrating to Canada

When you immigrate to Canada, you are electing a country that supports you and your family. Through hard work, equality and social values, you, your partner and your family can experience a high quality of life in our diverse country. Come to Canada and experience the life you’ve always wanted!