Visitor Visa Applications

Millions of people visit Canada each year to enjoy its wondrous landscapes, exciting activities and unique, diverse culture. You can join them by applying for a visitor visa. Whether you are visiting family or friends, touring through our great country, or conducting business, we can help you with your visitor visa application in Canada

On average, you can stay for up to 6 months on a visitor visa in Canada. It will depend on the purpose of your visit.

A temporary resident visa (TRV) is an official document that grants you the privilege to enter Canada for a duration of time. It signifies that you have met the admission requirements but does not guarantee entry to Canada. TRVs can include visitor visas, super visas, work permits, IEC and student visas in Canada

An eTA is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Canada and is electronically linked to your passport. Travellers from some countries will require an eTA, while others might be exempt. We can help confirm details before you pay for the Canada visitor visa fee.

Visitor visa holders are prohibited from working in Canada without the correct work permit.

Explore Canada
From the Rocky Mountains in Alberta to the wind-swept seas of Nova Scotia, Canada offers a wealth of natural and cultural enjoyments not found in other countries.
Extend Your Stay
Feeling like you're loving Canada too much and don't want to leave? You can extend your stay and enjoy more of our great country through visitor and IEC applications.
Visit Family & Friends
Spend time with loved ones as you mingle, explore and embrace Canada's unique, diverse culture. We'll help you with the tourist visa fees and application, so you can enjoy your trip.

Super Visa Applications

Make the most of quality family time with a super visa. This TRV allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to stay in the country for up to two years, meaning more quality time and fewer hassles. Let us bring the family together with a super visa application in Canada.  

The key difference is that super visa applies to parents and grandparents who come and stay in Canada for longer than six months without leaving. It reduces the hassles of renewing visas.

You can stay for up to two years, as long as you meet the super visa Canada requirements, including the host meeting a minimum income threshold, a valid medical examination, police clearance and insurance coverage.

Only parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for a super visa.

Income is determined by the number of people in the family. It can range from $25,921 for a single-family member to $68,598 for seven members. We can evaluate the income requirements through our super visa Canada checklist.

Yes, parents and grandparents must have insurance before visiting Canada. The minimum coverage required is $100,000 per person, valid for one year from the date of entry to Canada and covers medical expenses.

Spend Quality
Time With Family
A typical six-month visa is not enough to enjoy special family time. Launched in 2011, super visas are the Canadian Government's way of bringing families together for longer.
Be There for the
Important Moments
You won't miss any birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries or major holidays with a super visa. Enjoy up to two years in Canada with minimal fuss if you or your family meet the requirements.
Multiple Entries
for 10 Years
As a multiple-entry visa, you can enter Canada two times a year for a decade. That means more time with your family, creating priceless memories.

Visiting Canada

Breathtaking natural elements all year round, delicious local cuisine, unique and diverse cultures and heritages, friendly and welcoming people – Canada has everything you could want in a savvy and exciting destination. From Quebec’s French quarters to Vancouver’s bustling city, experience our nation firsthand by applying with a TRV today!