Student Visas & Study Permits

Canada is one of the world’s most educated countries, with over half of our population having post-secondary degrees. Why not join them with a Canada student visa? We value education, and we love nothing more than enlightening others with access to global-leading colleges and universities. 

In most cases, a study visa lasts for the length of your degree, plus an additional 90 days. This allows you to prepare to leave Canada or extend your stay.

It varies if you are studying in or outside the Province of Quebec. For the former, you require $11,000 (not including tuition fees) for one year. Those studying outside Quebec require a minimum of $10,000 (not including tuition fees). Additional family members cost $4000 (out of Quebec) and $5100 (in Quebec) on top of your overall costs.

Documents can be broken down into three sections – proof of acceptance, proof of identity and proof of financial support. Each section has its own requirements to prove that you are allowed to obtain a student visa. We can help guide you in finding the right documents for your application.

In most cases, you may be eligible to work in Canada for up to 20 hours on or off-campus if your study permit includes a condition that states you can.

Quality Education
Canadian education is built on the pillars of research, diversity and collaboration. Obtaining a Canadian degree opens several avenues to one’s career and is a recognized credential around the globe.
Work After Graduation
Why leave when things can get better? After graduating with your degree, you can qualify to work in Canada, furthering your career and enhancing your experience.
Become a Resident
Canada offers plenty of economic and personal growth opportunities across the country. Open your mind to the possibilities of adopting Canada as your new home with a permanent resident visa.

Applying For a Student Visa in Canada

There are specific eligibility requirements that you must meet to obtain a student visa in Canada. You must have an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), proof of financial support to cover the cost of your first-year tuition and cost of living, and supporting documentation, which varies from country-to-country. Our immigration consultant can create an accurate and active plan to help obtain your visa and all the benefits that come with it. 

Studying in Canada

Receiving a high-quality education, living in a diverse and bilingual environment, and having the opportunity to enhance your career prospects are some of the many advantages that come with studying in our great country. With low costs of living, affordable degrees, high quality of life and a welcoming culture that thrives on knowledge and innovation, Canada is your prime destination for a world-class education. Let our experts help you with your study visa in Canada.