Working Holiday & Young Professional IEC Applicants

Work while having fun! An IEC visa grants you the freedom to work across Canada by travelling through it, allowing you to experience the best that our country has to offer. Whether you’re a young professional or craving adventure, Glacier Immigration can help you with your IEC Canada application

You will be allowed to work, travel and enter and exit the country for a period of up to two years, depending on your country’s agreement with Canada.

There are three streams to the IEC program: Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International Co-op (Internship). The Working Holiday pool is best for those wanting to travel and support their journeys with temporary work, while the Young Professionals stream is suited for individuals looking to gain professional experience in Canada. The International Co-op Internship is based on an internship program related to your field of study. 

Approval for an international experience Canada application requires your home country to agree with ours and offer a similar program. Depending on the requirements established between the two countries, and the stream you wish to access, you will have to provide documents, including financial proof, criminal background and more.

Explore Canada
With the beautiful shores of Vancouver, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and the sophistication and liveliness of Toronto and Montreal, there are endless journeys you can take within our country.
Fund Your Vacation
There is no need to struggle for cash when visiting us! Fund your vacation with easy-going work. Become a barista, work in a resort or labour in a professional field.
Gain Work Experience
See firsthand how Canadians contribute to the economy! You’ll learn valuable insights, gain a wealth of knowledge and take home some practical tips to better your career!

International Co-op Internship

Having overseas work experience related to your field of study on your resume can lead to better jobs and career prospects. You’ll be able to work in some of Canada’s biggest industries through the International Co-op Internship program. Learn, explore and embrace a better future with this unique visa.

It all depends on the relationship with your home country. For example, Australians are allowed to stay in Canada for two years, and Canadians are offered similar options down under. With our experience, we can determine how long you can stay for, and how we can extend it.

If you wish to extend your stay in Canada, you can apply for a visitor visa, permanent residency, or a work permit in Canada with the support of an employer. You might also be able to apply again for an IEC. With our experience, we’ll develop a plan to help you stay longer in our beautiful country!

Gain Work
Nothing looks better than having foreign work experience in a major industry in a prosperous country like Canada. You’ll learn, thrive and set yourself up for success.
You’ll learn the key fundamentals of your chosen field, developing skills and a forward-thinking mindset. Having Canadian professional experience will open several doors around the globe.
Canadian Culture
Our diverse and unique culture - both in and out of the workplace - is why millions of people visit and choose to stay in our beautiful country. Experience it for yourself!

Working & Living in Canada

It’s not shocking to see why millions of young adults visit Canada per year. You’ll see beautiful natural sites, partake in cultural activities, and create new friendships while being part of a thriving economy that offers employee benefits. Our experience with IEC applications in Canada, means you’ll get to be part of everything that makes Canada great!